WhatsApp has been significantly changed by Meta for Android users.

The company has been working on changing the user interface of WhatsApp for Android devices for a long time.

Now this new user interface has started to be introduced to the users.

After this change the design of WhatsApp in Android devices has changed significantly or rather it feels completely new.

In this new design, the Chats, Communities, Status and Calls tabs at the top have been moved to the bottom which feels much better.

The status tab has been renamed and updated while the top of the WhatsApp home feed has been replaced with a completely white color by removing the green color.

A prominent green color theme has also been added for dark mode while chat bubble colors and floating action buttons are also being changed.

Similarly, tabs can also be opened by swiping right and left and not necessarily by clicking on their icon at the bottom.

This kind of user interface has been used for iOS devices for a long time, but in Android the desing has been changed in the app after many years.

It should be noted that Android users have been demanding a change in WhatsApp’s user interface for a long time.

This change indicates that WhatsApp recognizes the demands of users and makes changes accordingly.