At the age of 60, the lady who decorated the crown of ‘Miss Universe Buenos Aires’ has said that ‘Age is not a weakness but an asset.’
According to the British English newspaper Independent, Alejandra Rodríguez made a new history by winning the title two days ago and has surprised the world while challenging stereotypes.

She is the first 60-year-old woman in the history of the beauty pageant to win the title and has also dispelled the perception that people associate beauty with age.

Generally, such titles have been reserved for the youth.
After receiving the award, she said, “I am very excited about a new beginning in beauty pageants. We are entering a phase that is not limited to women’s physical beauty but also a set of values.”
She also expressed her happiness to be the representative of people of this age, ‘I think the judges saw my confidence and passion.’
She is determined to participate in the Miss Argentina pageant. It should be noted that previously, only those women who were between 18 and 28 years of age were eligible to participate in the Miss Universe pageant.

The organization that organizes the Miss Universe title announced in early 2024 that the age limit for female contestants has been removed and any woman above the age of 18 can compete in the pageant. .

Alejandra Rodriguez isn’t the first woman to change the beauty standard

Rather, 47-year-old Heidi Cruz is representing the Dominican Republic in the Miss Universe 2024 pageant.

Alejandra Rodríguez said in an interview that she wanted to participate in beauty pageants, but after becoming a mother at a young age, she was not able to realize this dream.

However, when I got the opportunity from the platform of ‘Miss Universe’, my inner voice told me that

Let’s go for it and experience it in practice instead of hearing about it.’


Although She has been questioned by some critics, he is determined to move forward with the notion that age is not a weakness but can be an asset.

According to her, “I often ignore what others say and focus on my goals because no one can live your dream.”

(Foto by Alejandra Rodríguez Instagram)