Social media platform LinkedIn is used by most people to search for jobs and usually features are introduced for the same.

But now the social media platform owned by Microsoft has entered the gaming sector as well.

For this purpose, LinkedIn has introduced puzzle games like Wordle.

It should be noted that in March 2024, there was a report about the addition of games to LinkedIn.

3 games have been made part of the social media platform by the company.

One of these games is pin point, another is queens while the third is cross climb.

The company has termed them mind-busy games
And each game can be played only once per day by an individual.

However, players of the games will be able to share their scores with friends.

LinkedIn will also track users’ success records to keep them coming back to play the games every day.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn has more than a billion users who use it for job hunting or other purposes.

But the company expects the addition of games to increase user engagement minutes on the site.

Microsoft is prominent in the world of gaming as the company manufactures the Xbox while it recently acquired Activision Blizzard, a gaming company.

Other social media platforms like Facebook have also made games a part of their service in the past but they did not meet the expectations.