The report of the world’s happiest countries in 2024 has been released, in which Finland has managed to retain the title of the happiest country even after seven years, while the countries of Northern Europe and the North Atlantic have come to the top as usual.
According to the American TV channel CNN, the recent report includes for the first time a separate classification of different age groups, after which it has been revealed that young people in some parts of the world are not satisfied with their lives.

For the first time, the United States has fallen out of the top 20 countries because of declining happiness rates.
One of the reasons the United States came down on the list was that residents of other countries, mostly from Eastern Europe, had more opportunities to be happy.
According to the report, the list has been released on the occasion of the International Day of ‘Joy‘ set by the United Nations.
The report includes data from people from more than 140 countries.

In this, during the three years from 2021 to 2023
Happiness is ranked based on residents’ average age ratings.
The report was created jointly by Gallup, the Oxford Wellbeing Research Center, and the United Nations’ Institute for Sustainable Development and the Editorial Board.

John Halliwell, editor of the Global Happiness Index and a professor at the University of British Columbia, says that each person who participated in the survey was asked a question about their quality of life.
“It shows you that Finland has a lot of quality, like returning gray wallets in the street,” he said. People are always ready to help each other, there are high quality health and education opportunities and everyone who goes through them is more or less the same.
According to him, ‘those who move to Finland also seem to be happier, meaning that this is something that the locals are willing to share with newcomers.’

Denmark ranks second after Finland in the world happiness list followed by Iceland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and the United Kingdom comes