Meta has added an amazing feature to WhatsApp.

Under this new feature, users will have the opportunity to use real-time image generation based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology in WhatsApp.

The company announced that the real-time image generation feature is being rolled out to users in a beta version.

This feature is amazing because while you are typing the written instructions into the image generator, the image will begin to change in real-time before you send it .

How to use the feature?

If you use the beta version, you can try this feature yourself.
For this, open the Meta AI chat and write Imagine
Give instructions for the image you have in mind.

Meta said the feature is based on the company’s new Lama Model 3, which produces better quality images and renders text better.

You can also animate a photo with MetaAI, meaning it will be possible to turn any photo into a GIF and share it with friends.
Meta AI has also been introduced in the web version by the company in the US.

It should be noted that WhatsApp AI Chatbot Meta AI was introduced recently, which is currently available to limited users but is gradually being extended to more people.