Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has revealed that she has been ‘diagnosed with cancer and is going through the early stages of treatment.’
Kate Middleton described it as a ‘huge shock’ in a heartbreaking video message.

It should be noted that Kate was not seen in public events for two months.
Kate Middleton, 42, said in a video message that the cancer was discovered when she underwent major abdominal surgery at a London hospital earlier this year.

However, post-operative tests revealed cancer.
As advised by the medical team, he needs to recover from the surgery before starting ‘preventive chemotherapy’.
Of course it was a big shock, William and I are trying our best to manage this whole thing privately for the sake of our family,” he said.
“The family needs some time and privacy,” he added. Having William with me is a source of peace and comfort for me.

He also gave a positive message and said that ‘I am fine and getting stronger day by day.’
Kensington Palace also expressed confidence in the statement that the “Princess of Wales will recover.”

Prince William’s absence from a memorial service in February was due to Kate Middleton’s diagnosis of cancer,” the statement said.

This news has come as a huge shock to the British royal family. After King Charles, the future Queen is now both battling cancer at the same time.

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