mayor brooks

John: One of the major issues we have is the lack of housing, whether it be attainable,
affordable or social housing, that also migrates into apartments. They did talk of the population
increases, but the plans to solve the housing issue were thin as this point, but we will look for specifics
down the road.

We have been talking with builders and there are a number looking at building duplexes or four
plexes, which is all good and others that are looking at land and even looking at re zoning some areas
for homes or apartments. We have our incentive plans where we are offering no property taxes the
first year, 75 percent off the second year, 50 percent off the third and 25 percent off the fourth year.
That would save a home owner or even an developer for an apartment building.

We are still waiting for construction to start on the Wellings of Brooks project. The
infrastructure is in, and from what I understand is, they are looking for a project manager. That will add
about 160 units to Brooks.

Jourdan: It’s budget time and the City is looking for input.

John: We anticipate its going to be another tough budget, with increased costs and higher
interest rates, so as always, we want to hear from the public. Property taxes goes towards funding
services like policing, fire, snow removal, economic development, playgrounds, recreation, road
maintenance and more. You can go to and there is an interactive survey where you can have
your say, and an area where you can add comments. Council will be going over the budget in the next
few weeks.

Jourdan: The public will have a chance to see the Time Capsule items.

John: What the City is planning to do, is to put the Time Capsule items on display in the lobby.
We are just working on that now and will let the public know when the display is ready.

Jourdan: The City of Brooks has worked with the Legion to get the formal Remembrance Day
Ceremony back.

John: For the last number of years due to the pandemic, there had not been a formal
ceremony. After last year, I was talking with County Councillor Adena Skanderup and she suggested we
bring the formal ceremony back. I touched base with Legion officials and they were all in favour of it. So
the ceremony will be held at the JBS Canada Centre on Saturday, November 11 th starting at 10 am. They
will then move down to the Centapth where they will be laying the wreaths.

Jourdan: With Remembrance Day, what are the holiday hours.

John: With Remembrance Day on Saturday, the city offices and public works will be closed on
Monday. Check ahead for holiday hours for our recreational facilities.

Jourdan: We’re into November and some big events coming up.

John: One of the biggest ones Christmas in the Park and the Santa Claus Parade on November
16 th . It was nice to have that back last year and we’re looking forward to that again.

The same weekend is the Festival of Trees…and its nice to have that back.

Jourdan: The holiday train is coming through again.

John: This is always a special night and a for a good cause again. The CPKC Holiday Train will
be here on December 19 th , at about 6:45. This year, we get to hear from two big country stars, Dallas
Smith and Mackenzie Porter. This is a great fundraiser for the local Christmas initiatives.

Jourdan: This has been Talk of the Town with Brooks Mayor John Petrie.