Jourdan: This is Talk of the Town with Brooks Mayor John Petrie. There was a major story with
the Brooks Bandits and the AJHL.

John: The news that the Brooks Bandits and five other teams were leaving the AJHL not only
came to a surprise to me, but I was on a thread with the mayors of the other communities, and they
were totally unaware of it too. It appears that the AJHl and Hockey Canada didn’t see this coming.

The Bandits are a community organization and as with any business, the City does not tell them
how to operate, but with the Bandits, we, as the City have a vested interest, as they are our
main tenants at the CRA.

Jourdan: Your thoughts on them leaving the league.

John: I’m a big fan of the AJHL and the Bandits, as I know the positives they have brought to
our city as far as Community Spirit and national recognition. We’re hoping they come to a
resolution to all this, and we can get on with watching Bandits hockey.

Jourdan: This is the time of the year when public works is faced with water line breaks.

John: It’s just the climate we live in. The shift to warmer temperatures increasing the risk of
water main breaks. Now, repairing those breaks depends on several factors from weather
conditions, the depth of the frost, the size of the break and how quickly it can be located.

Jourdan: RCMP gave their monthly report to council and they recapped the year.

John: Some positive notes for the year. Total Person crimes were down 7 percent. The theft
of motor vehicles were down by 18 percent over the year. Thefts under $,5000 were the same as the
year before, which was 193 last year. Some down sides, break and enters were up 24 percent, total
person crimes were up 21 percent .

Jourdan: The RCMP were also involved in some community events last month too.

John`: I just want to mention a few other activities from the RCMP which included being
involved the Cram a Cruiser before Christmas and the Candy cane Check Stop, where they stopped 143
vehicles looking for sobriety, drivers licences, registration and insurance documents. All were good
except for one. Those that were good were given a candy cane.

Jourdan: Another big report that came to council was from the fire department.

John: They had another active year and responded to 465 calls, which was actually down 4
percent from the year before. Out of that, they responded to 70 grass or trash fires, 65 motor vehicles

collisions, 15 property fires, and number fire alarms incidents from those set off accidently, to faulty

Another big job for the fire department is fire inspections and they handled 273 last year. This
would be for apartment buildings, restaurants, motels, churches, daycares etc.

Jourdan: A major part of the fire department is the volunteers.

John: We are so blessed for those who come forward to volunteer. Last year, there were 7
volunteers who retired, but the good news, 7 more were hired. Those volunteers do a lot of extra work
in the community from the Fire Department Ladies Appreciation, the rodeo fire works, Canada Day
Celebrations, Christmas in the park fire works, the holiday train and other events. We certainly
appreciate the work they do in the community.

Jourdan: Brooks Council had the report from the Arts, Cultural and Heritage Board and the
grants they distributed.

John: The City of Brooks gives the Arts Cultural and Heritage Board $10,000 to give out to local
organizations to promote cultural activities in the community. The organizations receiving money last
year were Grasslands School for an Art Mural, the Filipino Association for their Heritage Month, the
CRP Engineers House for Our Stories. Money also went to for an Art Wellness Retreat and Tumbleweed
Theatre. Applications for the new grants will be coming out in February.

Jourdan: Council made some appointments to the Municipal Planning Commission.

John: Fred Rattai, who has been on that board for a while has been appointed for a fourth two
year term and Juvelyn Uy has been appointed for the first two year term. As always, we are very
grateful for those who come forward to sit on our boards.

Jourdan: Thank You. This has been Talk of the Town, with Brooks Mayor John Petrie.