Using WhatsApp has become a norm in our lives and it is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world.

WhatsApp guarantees its users complete security of data through end-to-end encryption technology, however, users express concerns regarding chat and data security.

Indian TV channel NDTV has given five tips in this regard which can be used to secure WhatsApp chats. Let’s know what those tips are.

Turn on end-to-end encryption backup to keep your chats and data safe on WhatsApp. This will keep your chat safe and not at risk of data leakage.
Another way to protect data on WhatsApp is to turn on the ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ feature to avoid answering calls from spam or unknown numbers.
Also, if you receive any spam message or fake message, block and report it immediately instead of interacting with this account and providing your information.

To keep your data safe on WhatsApp, turn on the two-step verification feature. Thus, if someone else starts creating WhatsApp on your number, you will immediately receive a confirmation notification.
Check your linked devices regularly to keep data or account safe.
To know which devices your WhatsApp account is running on, go to WhatsApp settings option, there click on Linked devices option and review all devices.
To protect your mobile phone data including WhatsApp, keep the code and fingerprint on the phone.