Jourdan: This is Talk of the Town with Brooks Mayor John Petrie. A number of key topics were
disc used at Joint Services last week. The committee received an update about the Brooks Chamber
and the plans to be part of the Chamber of Southeast Alberta.

John: The plans for Brooks to be part of the Southeast Alberta Chamber have been in the
works for a while, and we heard from the Executive Director Lisa Dressler. She gave us an update on the
new association which will include Brooks, Medicine Hat, Red Cliff and Cypress County. They do plan to
have a full time person in Brooks, which is good news and will continue with some of the bigger projects
the chamber has had in the past from the Business of the Year Awards to the Trade Show. Both of those
might look a little different, but it will be be nice if they continued with them.

Jourdan: Also at the meeting, there was a plan to proceed with the Indigenous and Municipal
Police Transition Study Grant.

John: This is to study policing in the area, and all the local municipalities, Brooks, County of
Newell, Duchess, Rosemary and Bassano agreed to participate. The members from Joint Service have
to take it back to their councillors for approval before we proceed with the grant. This all stems from
the provincial governments previous plans for an Alberta Police Force, which they have put on hold or
are no longer in there current plans. . It is nothing against the RCMP, but there is still talk that the
federal government wants to get out of contract policing and this is a way to be prepared if that does
happen. The grant would help look at costs, manpower, legislation and what a municipal police force
would look like in the Brooks Newell Region.

Jourdan: The County of Newell is looking at ways to improve the traffic going to and coming out
of JBS Foods.

John: We know at certain times, especially during shift change, the traffic going onto the Trans
Canada Highway, can be hectic and dangerous. Between JBS Foods and the County of Newell, they are
looking at options to make it safer. One of the options is moving the traffic from the JBS Parking lot to
the Gun Club Road and out to the Duchess Highway. JBS will have to decide on the matter and there
could be provincial funding.

Jourdan: The City has brought back the business licence fee and made some concessions on
when it has to be paid.

John: During the pandemic, the city didn`t issue the business licence fee, but have brought it
back. Normally invoices would be sent out at the end of the calendar year, which is December and
would have to be paid by the end of January. However, that deadline will be extended to the end of the
February. The business licence fee is $100 and gives the city some data on businesses, which is
important for economic development.

Jourdan: We had a really good fall with virtually little or no snow, but we are still into winter
and you want to remind residents about sidewalk snow removal.

John: We’d like to remind our residents that sidewalks that border your property must be
cleared of snow or ice within 24 hours after the snow and/or ice is deposited or formed on the sidewalk.
This is to make it safer and easier for everyone to use the side walks in the winter time. If the side
walks are not cleaned, there would be a warning, and if not followed, there would be fines. We don`t
want to see that.

Jourdan: Coming up on January 23 rd , there is a public meeting on the proposed new skateboard

John: Exciting news! �� We're hosting a design workshop for the new skatepark on January 23
from 6:30pm to 8pm at the JBS Canada Centre! This is a great time to learn more about the project and
contribute to the design! If you're passionate about shaping our community and have creative ideas for
the skatepark, your input is invaluable!

Jourdan: The City is still looking for a member to serve on the FCSS Committee.

John: We're seeking a member-at-large to serve on the Grasslands Regional Family and
Community Support Services (FCSS) Board! FCSS works to assess community needs and set priorities to
support individuals, families and communities within the Region through the direct and indirect delivery
of preventative social programs or services. If you`re interested, email Jenny Wallace at for the application form. It`s a good committee and they do good work in the area.

Jourdan: Thank You Mayor Petrie. This has been Talk of the Town, with Brooks Mayor John