Jourdan: This is Talk of the Town with Brooks Mayor John Petrie. Brooks Council had a chance
to meet with our MLA and Premier Danielle Smith this past week.

John: This was our first one on one meeting with the premier and of course, she is our MLA. It
was a good pleasant conversation and we wanted to address some of our issues. Number one is
housing, and I know this is a problem right across the country. To me, it becomes a rural issue and the
biggest challenge we have is getting developers for big housing or apartment projects. Our major
issues here would be infrastructure costs from water and sewer to building lift stations. We did
mention a positive for development here is, that we do have water licence for up to 45,000 people
here, and that’s a big deal when a lot of communities don’t come close to that.

We also talked about our development at the old Rodeo Grounds, where we still need funding.
She said there is a $80 million recreation fund coming that we might be able to tap into.

Jourdan: What else did you talk about?

We touched base on the Brooks Campus and how we can expand that, making it a destination
campus for either pre health care workers or agricultural, especially with irrigation so big in this area.
That did peak her interest.

The Crop Diversification Centre came up, and I know this is high on the agenda for the County
and for our MP Martin Shields. She really seems interested in bringing that back to life.

And we talked about the odour in Brooks. She mentioned that High River, which has the Cargill
plant, they are looking at a s large biodigester facility next to the feedlot. It will process manure into
what it calls renewable natural gas and something called digestate, a fertilizer and soil amendment.

Anyway, it was a good meeting and nice to get our concerns across.

Jourdan: Council heard about plans for the Amphithreatre.

John: This is headed up by Duane Perkins and he has backing from the Kinsmen. They have
come up with a new location which would be by Lake Stafford. There might be some concerns from
residents there, but esthetically it would blend in and there would a time limit on how late an show
could go. He says he is getting a lot of interest on the project with potential donations and is working
on grants. If the location is accepted by council, the next step would be to come up with a development
and building permit and of course neighbours would be contacted. It would be a nice fit for the

Jourdan: Toys for Tickets are back.

John: We do this every year. If you get a parking ticket, you can pay for it by buying a toy for
that goes to Scotiabank’s Smiles for Christmas and then to local families.. The toy has to be
valued at least $30. The program runs until December 8 th .

Jourdan: Council heard Municipal Enforcement Quarterly report.

John: We know the basics they do with enforcement issues, but they are also busy with
outreach and education, from car clinics, the bike rodeo, giving presentations, and dealing with animals.
In the quarter, they did issue about 240 traffic safety act or traffic by law tickets. There were also over
50 warnings on overgrown grass and 8 unsightly property warnings. They also de3alth with animal
barking complaints, illegal dumping and business licence issues.

Jourdan: Council will start there budget deliberations shortly.

John: Administration has been working on this for some time. Council has set a couple of days
aside, one being Monday, November 27 th and the other on Friday, December 1 st . The public will be
invited to attend any of these sessions. We know it’s going to be a tough budget again with the rising

Jourdan: Last week was a busy week with a number of community events.

John: It’s all these events that make this a great place to live. Thanks to all those that organize
events such as the Santa Claus Parade, Christmas in the Park, The Harwood Ford Centennial Cup,
Festival of Trees. And this Saturday, its Rotary Radio Day on Real Country 105.7.

Jourdan: This has been Talk of the Town with Brooks Mayor John Petrie.