Emirati authorities have announced the regulations for issuing ‘Green Iqama’ to skilled people from different countries.

According to the Emaratalyoum Daily newspaper, the Ministry of Manpower and Citizenship has said that such skilled foreigners who have technical skills in their profession can apply for green residence if they meet four conditions.
According to the conditions set by the Emirates Federal Authority for Citizenship for Green Iqama, skilled persons who meet the prescribed criteria will be issued Green Iqama without a local sponsor.
Subject to the prescribed conditions, the candidate must have a valid work permit in the Emirates as per the contract relating to his profession.

Candidates for Green Iqama belong to Skilled Persons category number one, two or three issued by the Ministry.
The educational qualification of the aspirant to get Green Iqama should be at least graduation while the minimum salary should be 15 thousand dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currency.