Google’s e-mail service ‘Gmail’ is known as the most popular e-mail communication service in the world, which has been rumored for the past few days that it will shut down in August 2024.

Recently, a post surfaced on social media sharing a screenshot of an email with the title ‘Google is sunsetting Gmail’, after which social media users were in dire straits as to whether Gmail would really be shutting down.

The intended message from Google in the screenshot reads, ‘After connecting millions of people around the world, enabling seamless communication and fostering countless connections, Gmail’s journey is coming to an end, August 1 Gmail will officially shut down by 2024’.

This post went viral as soon as it appeared, after which various questions arose in the minds of users.

To further quell the rumours, Google tweeted on its official Gmail X account stating that all these reports are false and Gmail will continue its service uninterrupted.