From May 2024, all photos and videos based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology posted by Meta on Facebook, Instagram and Threads will be tagged.

The purpose of AI content labeling is to prevent misleading content on social media platforms.

According to the company, all AI-generated content will be labeled, however, AI-generated images or videos will be deleted only when found to be in violation of policies.

The company admitted that the current policy in this regard is quite restrictive which was introduced in 2020

Meta said in a statement that during the last 4 years, especially in 2023, people have created real-looking content with the help of AI and this technology is advancing very fast.

According to the statement, the policy changes were made in consultation with the Oversight Board, while a survey of more than 23,000 people from 13 countries was conducted, in which 82 percent voted in favor of labeling AI content.

Meta already adds labels and watermarks to content generated by its Imagine AI engine.

But from May, labels will also be added to images and videos generated from third-party sources such as OpenAI, Google and others.

The process of labeling AI content will be completed with Meta’s system while emphasizing to users that
When uploading AI audio or video files, make it clear that they are produced with the help of AI technology.