In order to curb the problem of online fraud i.e. phishing, the leading messaging application WhatsApp has launched a new feature under which users will now be able to block ‘spam content’ from the lock screen itself.
WhatsApp already has the facility to block accounts that send spam content to users, but with this new feature, users will not need to open a chat to block spamming accounts.
According to the website ‘Android Police’, WhatsApp has recently released a video for users on its platform informing them that spam accounts can now be blocked from the lock screen without opening the chat.

After this feature, as soon as users receive any spamming content, they will be able to instantly block that account or number by using the ‘Block’ button next to the reply button on the lock screen.
Apart from this, an option can also be given by WhatsApp to ‘report’ the spamming number.

To report a spamming account one has to click on the report contact option on the check box on the screen and then click on the block option to confirm it.
Keep in mind that this new feature of WhatsApp is being rapidly released worldwide.