In a very pleasant meeting with Brooks Mayor John Petrie, the eRadioGlobal team had coffee with him in order to get to know him not only from his perspective of a politician but also as a human being. We were able to see how Mayor John Petrie evolved from his time as a communicator to finally become general manager of the two radio stations in the city of Brooks and then his evolution and transition into the field of politics. His beginnings as a politician were as a Brooks City Councilman, which gave him the opportunity to know in depth all the dynamics of the city, its industry, its infrastructure and its social fabric. With this experience as a councilman, he began to conceive the idea of becoming mayor and that is when in the year 2021 the people elected him as Mayor of the city of Brooks in Alberta Canada.

We can say that Mayor John Petrie is a very jovial person with an entrepreneurial spirit, a human being who gives himself to the community and shows his vocation of service and provide all support to new entrepreneurs who decide to undertake despite the normal viscisitudes of entrepreneurship. eRadioGlobal announces that very soon we will have the privilege of interviewing him in our studios in order for the community of Brooks to know more about their mayor.

eRadioGlobal will also have the opportunity to meet and interview the entire government cabinet in order to learn more about the government’s program. The Brooks community can count on eRadioGlobal as that channel of communication between the City of Brooks and the community.