LISA: This is Talk of the Town with Brooks Mayor John Petrie. Another successful Taste of Nations

John: This has become a signature event for the City of Brooks and reflects the different
cultures the community now compromises of. Another good event this past Saturday, and thanks to all
the organizers, the City of the Brooks, SPEC and BCIS, and thanks to the different food vendors and
everyone who came out to make the day so terrific.

LISA: The RCMP were in council with their monthly report.

John: Let’s look at some of the positives first. For the period from January to August, there
was a 12 percent decrease in total person crimes.. There was an 11.8 percent decrease in total property
crime. But there was a 48 percent increase in break and enters, which was 15 more cases than the same
period the year before.

Thefts of motor vehicles continues to be a problem. In August, there was 1 car, 1 truck and 3
other vehicles were taken without the owners consent. There were 12 break enters which included
two businesses, 5 residences. There were 6 provincial roadside suspensions, where 5 were alcohol
related and 1 drug related.

There were also a total of 26 files with the Spousal Abuse survey code.

LISA: And Council is meeting K Division at the Alberta Municipalities Conference this week.

John: Just for information, the Alberta division of the RCMP is called K Division and the
headquarters is located in Edmonton. They oversee the RCMP in the province. What we’ll touch base
with them will be the costs of RCMP. The costs continue to go up, and the municipality has to pick up
the tab when ever they buy new body armour, radios, body cameras etc. For us, we want to know
when these costs are coming, so we can be prepared for them.

LISA: Speaking of Alberta Municipalities, the City is bringing forward a resolution at the policy

John: The resolution asks that Municipal Affairs does not allow for political parties to be part
of municipal elections. We feel that local politicians should remain local and not be puppets of a party.
It should be an interesting debate.

LISA: Council heard some of the committee reports. What were some of the items that stood out.

John: One thing we heard is that when the Alberta government brings in the Extended
Producer Responsibility or EPR, which makes producers pay for the recycling programs, it means locally,
Newell Recycling will have to take all plastics. Right now, they only take certain plastics.

We also heard that we are getting upgraded weigh scales at the landfill, which will speed up the
process going in and out of the facility.

And from FCSS, the had 15 different groups apply for funding, which included about 6 new
organizations, which was good news.

And we heard that there is progress on the dog park, There are some nice plans, which include
drinking water for the dogs, trails, lights for the area, a gravel parking lot, area for small dogs and
garbage cans. It will be nice once it’s done.

LISA: The City has some plans for Truth and Reconciliation Day.

John: On September 30 th , we encourage everyone to wear orange. Plus the city is invited
residents of the Brooks Newell Region to share their thoughts on what a Day of Truth and Reconciliation
means to them. The orange cards will be disturbed around the community, including the schools.

LISA: And with that Truth and Reconciliation Day, it is a holiday for City of Brooks staff.

John: it was part of the collective agreement with CUPE. And since Truth and Reconciliation
day is on Saturday, that moves the holiday to Monday, which means city offices are closed and others
will be on holiday hours. That also means garbage and yard waste collection could be delayed.

LISA: Thank You Mayor Petrie. This has been Talk of the Town.