Former US President Donald Trump has won primaries elections in 12 states, including Texas and California, but fell short of a clean sweep after Nikki Haley’s surprise upset in Vermont.
According to the French news agency AFP, the former president, who is trying to return to the White House, was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden in 2020.

Primary elections were held in sixteen US states on Tuesday in the biggest contest of ‘Spear Tuesday’. Donald Trump has won primary elections in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, California, Texas, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Virginia, while the counting process continues in other states.
Donald Trump thanked his voters on the social networking website ‘Truth Social’.
Another presidential candidate and former UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, has failed to become a significant obstacle to Trump’s nomination, but has so far refused to drop out of the race for the presidential nomination.

As expected, President Joe Biden won the first 11 states in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.


(File Foto Donald Trump)