Tik Tok’s short videos forced all social media apps to transform themselves.

Now Microsoft-owned social media platform LinkedIn is also ready to make itself like TikTok.

LinkedIn has confirmed that the social media platform is testing a TikTok-like short video feed.

This addition to LinkedIn was first reported by a user, Austin Null, and has now been confirmed by the company.

Austin Null mentioned that a video tab will be provided in the app’s navigation bar for this purpose.

On clicking this tab, users will be able to watch short videos and have an experience just like Tik Tok.

Users will be able to like and share these videos and comment option will also be available.

However, content related to career and professionalism will be preferred in short videos on LinkedIn as compared to Tik Tok or other apps.

Note that it was possible to post videos on LinkedIn before, but the purpose of allocating a feed for it is to increase user engagement minutes.

Those who create short videos on LinkedIn may also have an opportunity to earn money in the near future.