Do you face difficulties in finding old messages in WhatsApp when you need it? So it won’t happen now.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature Search by Date which will prove to be the solution to this problem.

This feature of the Meta-owned messaging app will make it possible to search for a message by date.

This feature was announced by the company.

*How to use the feature

To use this feature, open WhatsApp and go to the chat window where you want to search for messages of a specific date.

Select the search option in this chat window.

After selecting the search option you will see a calendar icon click on it.

Then scroll to select the desired month and year and then click on search.

After doing this, the messages of that particular date will appear.

This feature will make it very easy to find messages that are many years old.

It should be noted that in the past few days, new formatting tools were also added to WhatsApp, while many features related to security were also introduced.